Pure Fiber Technology

We are committed to providing pure end-to-end Fiber connections, from our network facilities to your doorstep, ensuring no loss in data transmission or slowdown in internet connectivity. This means greater speed and bandwidth only capable with Optical Fiber wires, all the way.



Our Fiber Optic Network

Pure Fiber Optic connectivity has placed us at the forefront of innovation in bringing customer-focused Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Broadcast Services and Solutions. We have laid out more than 6,600kms of Fiber Optics Cable (FOC) nationwide with the use of the latest Micro-trenching Technology, and supported with a nodal presence in the USA, Hong Kong, Cebu and Davao. 

Management Team

Our management team of seasoned industry experts is committed to continuous innovation, driving our business and yours to the forefront of Information and Communication Technology.

Our Clients

Beyond homes, our pure Fiber technology is currently powering key government agencies, SMEs, and enterprises.

Patrick J. Medina

Manager IT Infrastructure Group


We are all well satisfied with Converge's service in terms of pricing, technical support and upstream connectivity. They have very responsive and supportive account management.

Richard Murillo

General Manager / IT


Our main reason in availing Converge's service is the speed and bandwidth reliability. They have better quality of internet connection than a DSL since it runs a fiber optic cable. Internet connectivity is fast.

Jasper Lanzar

IT Operations Head


We find Converge to be the cheapest / lowest rate among competitors. We also have fiber connections with other Telco but Converge is more reliable. We already converted our branches to Converge not just in Metro Manila but branches in the provinces as well. As a whole we are VERY SATISFIED with Converge in terms of PRICE, FIBER CONNECTION AND AFTER SALES SUPPORT.

Dwight Jasper Abcede

System Administrator


Converge is our primary connection and only internet service provider. What we like most about the service is after sales support is proactive and their customer support provides quick response. WE ARE SATISFIED WITH CONVERGE.

Our Partners